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The World Animal Net International Directory of Animal Protection Organizations




In 1986 World Animal Net president and co-founder Wim DeKok began compiling information on the organizations working for animal protection around the world. Eventually, this work led to the publishing of the World Animal Net International Directory of Animal Protection Organizations. The directory garnered many accolades and, for the first time ever, allowed organizations to search for and contact peers working on similar issues on the other side of the world.


As the internet became more accessible around the world, the hardcopy directory was eventually replaced with the online version. The online version is not only more ecologically-friendly, but also brings the significant benefit of allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to search the directory at no cost.

Today, the directory has become an invaluable tool to both individuals and organizations working in animal protection worldwide. Individuals who wish to report animal cruelty and neglect witnessed in their communities or abroad can search the directory for the appropriate local organizations to notify. Organizations frequently use the directory to reach out to fellow animal protection groups to form collaborations, garner support, and spread awareness for new initiatives.


The directory is maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who work closely with WAN staff to ensure that the information in the directory is up to date and accurate. With 17,000 organizations in over 130 countries, maintenance is no small feat.

Directory Users

As a directory user, you play an important role in helping us maintain the directory listings. If you find that there is inaccurate information, questionable listings, or missing organizations, please let us know! It is only through constant assessment of the directory that we can ensure the quality of the information. You can report a problem by following the "read more" link in a directory listing, or by using our general contact form.


If you are the representative of an animal protection organization, we encourage you to check your organization’s listing and ensure that the information we have is accurate. You can do so by logging in using the portal on the right. If you cannot remember your login information, please contact us directly.

If you do not see your organization listed, please take a moment to register. We will review your organization’s information prior to publishing it in the directory.

Organizations Listed

Organizations included in the directory encompass a wide range of philosophical viewpoints and methods of action. This means that organizations ranging from those conducting pet rescue, promoting vegan or vegetarian eating, and even certain environmental groups are included in the directory. The common denominator of all groups is that animal protection must be a component of the organization’s work.

While a handful of zoos may meet this criteria, we do not list any organization that raises animals for food or fiber, or breeds animals for personal gain. We also do not list veterinary practices or individuals on personal title in the directory.

Please note that the inclusion of any group in the directory should not be taken as a recommendation of its aims, policies or methods.

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