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Animal Protection in the Constitution of Sweden

Authority Provision 

The Freedom of the Press Act, Chapter 2: On the public nature of official documents, Article 2, paragraph 7.

The Fundamental Law on Freedom and Expression, Chapter 3: On Transmission, Production, and Dissemination, Article 11; Chapter 5: On Freedom of Expression of Offences, Article 1

Per Article 2, the right of access to official documents may be restricted if necessary to preserve plant or animal species.

The Swedish Constitution provides unique protection regulating the depiction of violence toward animals in the media in a number of sections.

Article 11 grants authority for provisions to be laid down in law concerning video or other technical recordings “ which include acts of violence or threats of violence against persons or animals” that are supplied to certain minors.

Per Article 1, unlawful portrayal of gross acts of violence against animals in technical recordings in many instances are also freedom of expression offences.

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