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Video: How to Twitter to Effect Social Change

Video: Debate on How Social Media Can Drive Social Change

Video: The Tool in Your Hand – the Mobile Revolution

NGO Media Outreach: Using the Media as an Advocacy Tool

Know How Non-Profit: Social Media Top Tips


Planning Media: Strategy and Imagination
By: William J. Donnelly
Publisher: Pearson Education POD; 1st edition (November 29, 1995)
ASIN: 0135678358

Surviving the Media Jungle: A Practical Guide to Good Media Relations
By: Dina Ross
Publisher: Mercury Business Books
ISBN: 1852520558

Strategic Media Planning
By: Kent M. Lancaster, Helen E. Katz
Publisher: Contemporary Books
ISBN: 0844234753

The Nonprofit Guide to Strategic Communications: A Step-by-step Resource for Working with the Media to Generate Publicity, Enhance Fundraising, Build Membership, Change Public Policy and Handle Crisis
By: Kathleen Bonk, Henry Griggs
Publisher: Jossey Bass Wiley
ISBN: 0787943738

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