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WAN's Dedicated Team of Volunteers



WAN's volunteer team has been crucial in updating and enhancing the WAN Directory of Animal Protection Organizations, and we are happy to recognize the contributions that each volunteer, both past and current, has made towards this goal. To our volunteers- THANK YOU! We could not do it without you. 


Current Volunteers

Alyson2Alyson Rewick
New Jersey, USA
Alyson is a writer and an animal lover from the New York City metro area. She helped to verify listings for Mexican animal protection organizations.


madalina-croppedMadalina Anton
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Madalina is working to verify the listings for Romanian animal protection organizations. She lives and works in Atlanta, GA, dividing her time between photography assignments and her marketing job. She has fostered several cat and doggie friends in the past and currently (while waiting for her husband to agree to foster a new pup) she is researching the best options to help animals through education: teaching people how they should treat their animal friends.

lordique-roundLordique Fok
Lordique is assisting World Animal Net on campaigns to encourage public and private institutions to adopt increasingly humane pest control practices with special focus on reduced use of glue boards and of some particularly inhumane poisons that additionally injure non-target wildlife. She has designed many of the campaign's materials and investigated how new technology can help make pest control practices more humane, thanks to low cost sensors, cameras, text alerts, etc. As an undergraduate Electrical Engineering & Computer Science student at MIT, Lordique balances research with her commitment to animals.

meghna-croppedMeghna Sheth
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Meghna has worked on updating the listings for Karnataka, the region of India in which she resides. She is a major in human resources, but her interest lies only in animals and she is planning to study animal law further. She has worked as a volunteer for an animal welfare organization previously and since then she is keen on helping animals throughout the world in as many ways as she can. She loves seeing happy animals around her and everywhere. She and her husband have adopted four rescued Indian strays.

ViragVirág Kaufer
Virág is helping with WAN’s strategic advocacy course and campaigning. Virág is currently Campaign Director at Greenpeace, Central and Eastern Europe. She has worked for civil society for over 17 years at grassroots, national, and international level – and across sectors: including animal welfare and human development/rights/justice issues. In the past she has managed advocacy campaigns for Oxfam, WSPA (now World Animal Protection) and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). Virág has also been active in Green party politics at national level as a party leader and MP in Hungary.

Past Volunteers

Bettina Strehle
Since April 2014, Bettina has worked on updating the listings of German-speaking countries, including Austria and Germany.


Janine Slaker
Lansing, Michigan, USA
Janine helped to correct broken links in the directory.



Noopur Pathak
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
Since August, 2014, Noopur has helped in fixing broken links in the Directory and has assisted in MySQL coding needs. Noopur is currently a software consultant and loves helping animals and animal rights groups in any way she can. Unfortunately, she is allergic to most fur, so having an opportunity to help animals remotely is a wonderful and exciting prospect.

Rhonda Lechten
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Rhonda helped to correct bounced email addresses and made updates for a number of Australian organizations. Rhonda is currently fostering for the Black Cat Rescue organization working to find loving homes for otherwise unwanted cats frequently euthanized.


Thành Nguyen
University of Massachussetts, Boston - Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
Thành helped to research and update all Vietnamese listings in the Directory. Thành is currently a sophomore biochemistry major at Umass Boston. He is interested in animals and working hands on with them, both domestic and wild and especially those belonging to the canine and feline families.

Trudi Gopie
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Trudi helped to fix broken links in the Directory. Pets have always been a part of Trudi's life. She currently owns two little rescue pups that make her life that much sweeter each day.


Zane Gavin
Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Zane helped to fix broken links in the Directory. Zane is a mechanical engineering major who is passionate about domestic animal protection and knows that making a small change and putting in a little effort can have tremendous impact. Even if not studying directly, Zane hopes to make as big of a splash in the field of international animal protection as possible.

Past Interns

Julie Fields
Dickinson College - Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA
Julie updated all Canadian organizations in the directory, and conducted a self-directed policy analysis of the Canadian ban on gestation crates and the dangers of livestock boards and similar policy structures for animal protection. Majoring in biology, she is currently working on her honors thesis based on her research of the evolutionary causes of body sizes of boa constrictors. She is passionate about animal care and protection and has previously worked at an exotic animal rescue and educational center and at the Beardsley Zoo in CT.

Petra Solarik
Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts, USA
Petra updated all Middle Eastern listings in the Directory, and conducted a self-directed comparative analysis of animal protection and welfare policies in selected Middle Eastern countries. She is a biology major with a particular interest in animal rehabilitation and wildlife rescue projects. Both wildlife and domestic animal issues interest her and so she hopes to use her education and experiences to make a small change in the ever growing field of animal protection.

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