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Best Practice for Animal Welfare Development and Implementation

This resource pulls together some “Best Practice” resources on Animal Welfare in order help development stakeholders to incorporate Animal Welfare in their work without “reinventing the wheel”.

WAN started work on this resource in order to bring together useful research and best practice which could assist with the implementation of World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) animal welfare standards and Regional Animal Welfare Strategies. It was prepared in conjunction with the International Coalition for Animal Welfare (ICFAW), whose members contributed helpful resources and links. We then broadened its scope in response to a request from World Bank officials for “Best Practice” resources to assist development stakeholders seeking to incorporate or enhance animal welfare aspects in their work (such as development banks and funders, international and regional organizations – including Regional Economic Communities, and other development partners).

At a time when Animal Welfare Strategies/Action Plans and Animal Welfare Platforms have been concluded for every region, indicating a global commitment to improve animal welfare, we hope there will be a wide future use for such a resource. However, we hope that this resource will just be a starting point for further inter-stakeholder collaboration - and that it will not be a static resource, but one that is further discussed, developed and adopted.

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Animal Welfare
Areas where Animal Welfare is Needed in Development
Provision of Best Practice Resources
   - I. Education & Training/Capacity Building
   - II. Information & Awareness
   - III. Information and Resources for Policy, Legislation & Enforcement
   - IV. Information and Resources for Animal Welfare Programs

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