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International Policy

 International Policy Forum


Advocacy is one of the major pillars of WAN’s strategy, and we believe it is vital to influence the international policy environment to ensure sustainable improvements to the status of animal welfare across the world. We are also keen to share international policy advances with the wider animal protection community, in order to use these to improve national policies and laws for animals.


The international animal welfare policy environment is changing rapidly. From being considered a marginal issue, the importance of animal welfare is now recognized in regional and international policy forums and is covered by a fast-growing body of internationally and regionally accepted science-based standards, conventions, treaties, regulations, directives and agreements.

See here for an overview of the International Policy Environment.

WAN’s major focus areas in international policy advocacy are:

WAN has also established an International Policy Forum (IPF) with representatives from each geographical region of the world to enhance WAN’s policy representation and outreach. Read more...

We also work with a number of Advocacy Coalitions and Alliances to influence the international policy environment. Read more...

WAN’s Animal Protection Law Resources include background information on relevant international agreements and work by the Council of Europe and EU in this field.

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